Residential Wheelchair Lifts in Oregon

Quality Wheelchair Lifts Installed With Integrity

Nationwide Lifts of Oregon works with homeowners across the state to choose, install, and maintain their wheelchair lifts. We offer a full range of options for homes of all shapes, sizes, and stories.

Contact us today! We’ll go over our process and evaluate your situation to determine the right choice for you.

“Nationwide Lifts of Oregon installed a very complex residential elevator in our rental apartment in Manzanita. Sam and the crew could not have been more helpful and professional. We are very happy with our new elevator!”

– Geoff K.

Residential Wheelchair Lifts at Nationwide Lifts of Oregon

Wheelchair lifts are a convenient, safe, and economical way to add mobility to your multi-level home. Wheelchair lifts can be designed around your existing home, or can be integrated into a new home build. In either case, our installation experts have seen it all and will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Some of our most popular models include…

Apex Green

Add this model to any location inside or outside. One of our most versatile wheelchair lifts!

Apex Hydro

Designed to provide accessibility in residential settings, this unit provides straight travel up multiple levels.

Apex Complete

A unit that’s perfect for the outdoors, it’s fully enclosed and built with corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Apex Elite

Custom made, this glass-walled unit is a perfect option for high-end residential settings.

Delta IPL

A compact, efficient model which mounts alongside stairwells. Folds up at both ends.

Omega IPL

This high-quality, multi-level lift is designed to be used with curved staircases.

Residential wheelchair lift installation process

Your absolute satisfaction is always our #1 priority. Whether that’s helping you decide which model is right for you, delivering an efficient and low-impact installation, or a unit that will last for years, you can count on us to provide an unbelievable experience.

Our process:

  • Once contacted, we’ll speak over the phone to determine the right lift for you.
  • Depending on where you live, we’ll either come out to your home or have you show us photos or videos of where you hope to install your wheelchair lift.
  • We’ll collaborate with any architects or builders you’re working with to install your lift perfectly.
  • We’ll apply for the state elevator permit and schedule the state inspection.
  • We’ll come out and install your wheelchair lift on a schedule and timeline that works for you.

The entire time, you’ll never be left in the dark on the status of your project. We hope to make the installation process as simple and easy as possible for you.

We’re Known For….

Personalized Service

We have product knowledge, industry experience, and installation chops to recommend the wheelchair lift that fits your needs and your home.

Honesty & Communication

We’re here to facilitate a good experience for you. If you have questions during the installation process, or while using the lift once installed, you can trust us to respond and provide an answer.

Professional, Quality Installation

We’ve installed wheelchair lifts in homes throughout Oregon for years. You can always expect a clean and professional installation to go along with your beautiful new lift.

About Nationwide Lifts of Oregon

Our customer-centered approach to wheelchair lift installation has made us Oregon’s go-to wheelchair lift company. Our entire team is in-house and local, ensuring a consistently high level of service. Further, our comprehensive warranty ensures your happiness and peace of mind. You won’t find this level of customer service and professionalism with any other elevator company in Oregon.

Discover how a residential wheelchair lift installation can keep your home safe and convenient for years to come.