Elevator Inspections & Maintenance Repair Services in Oregon

Simple & Straightforward Elevator Inspections & Routine Maintenance

At Nationwide Lifts of Oregon, we are known throughout the state for our premier elevator and lift installation and servicing.

Making sure your elevator or lift is in proper running order is crucial to the safety of your unit. Not only does this protect you and your family or customers, but it also ensures that you don’t experience any down time with your elevator due to a malfunction.

Our elevator inspection and maintenance specialists have experience maintaining all types of residential and light commercial units. No matter whether your unit has been in use for years or it has just been installed, scheduling regular inspections and staying on top of routine maintenance is crucial for getting the most out of your elevator or lift.

Want to learn more about our elevator inspection and maintenance process? Contact us today! We’ll go over your options and evaluate your situation to make sure you are well taken care of.

“Nationwide Lifts of Oregon installed a very complex residential elevator in our rental apartment in Manzanita. Sam and the crew could not have been more helpful and professional. We are very happy with our new elevator!”

– Geoff K.

Our Customer-Oriented Elevator & Lift Inspections & Route Maintenance

Even if everything is running smoothly, small issues could be developing without your knowledge. If not addressed, these small issues can turn into big ones that can lead to expensive and inconvenient repairs.

Schedule our inspection specialists to come out regularly or just when you think you need us. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your lift and related components to make sure everything is running perfectly. We’ll keep an eye out for wear or anything out of the ordinary. We’ll then recommend any necessary repairs or services that will get your elevator or lift in tip-top shape.

Elevator Inspection & Maintenance FAQs


Do you inspect and maintain elevators that you did not install?

We do! We can inspect and maintain all different brands and styles of lifts and elevators. Contact us to determine if we can service your life or light elevator. Chances are we can!

Do you offer emergency elevator repair services?

We do! We offer full emergency services for customers throughout Oregon. For the Portland area, response times will be quicker, though we should be able to make it out to rural areas within a couple of days.

Are you licensed?

We are! Our elevator repair specialists are licensed, bonded, and insured to keep you and your space protected.

Residential Elevators

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We work closely with homeowners to help them select the perfect elevator or lift. From safety and accessibility, to convenience and luxury, we have you covered.

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    Commercial Elevators

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    We know ADA and all Oregon accessibility requirements. Our full range of commercial options ensure that your commercial space is safe and ready for business.

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      Service Area

      At Nationwide lifts of Oregon, we work throughout Oregon and the Portland Metro area. Whether you’re in downtown Portland, Central/Eastern Oregon, or on the Oregon Coast, we can help you maintain your elevator.

      About Nationwide Lifts of Oregon

      We’ve inspected and maintained elevators in homes and businesses throughout Oregon. Our entire team is in-house, ensuring a high level of quality in every interaction you have with us. You won’t find this level of customer service and professionalism with any other elevator maintenance company in Oregon.

      Inspect and maintain your elevator to ensure a safe and reliable lift.