Glass Residential Elevator Company in Oregon

A splash of convenient luxury for your home.

Glass elevators are a great option for homeowners looking for a classy, premium elevator solution. While every elevator we sell at Nationwide Lifts of Oregon operates smoothly and provides a wonderful, comfortable experience, our glass elevator collection goes the extra mile.. 

Our residential glass elevators look great in any room or style of home. You’ll love how it operates, and how it transforms your space by blending in with the rest of your home and adding a bit of luxury. Your friends and family will be wow’d!

Contact us today! We’ll go over your options and evaluate your situation to determine the right glass elevator for you.

“Nationwide Lifts of Oregon installed a very complex residential elevator in our rental apartment in Manzanita. Sam and the crew could not have been more helpful and professional. We are very happy with our new elevator!”

– Geoff K.

visilift glass residential elevator nationwide lifts oregon

Home Elevators at Nationwide Lifts of Oregon

We offer options that can work as a balcony attachment or that travel through a floor, and work with homeowners who are investing in a residential glass elevator for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Mobility issues due to injury or age 
  • Convenience & comfort 
  • Safety and accessibility 
  • Latest home features
  • Add wow factor to a custom home

Whether you’re looking for a discreet glass elevator for your existing home, or want a splash of luxury in your new home build, we know you’ll love our offerings of custom glass elevators. We’ll help you sort through your options, provide our unmatched customer service, and work with you to find the perfect elevator for your home.

Our most popular residential glass elevator models include…

Custom Artisan Glass Elevators

None of our standard solutions fit your needs? Talk with our team about our custom glass elevator options. Our custom options require a 2” pit, are offered in many configurations, and can be custom-made to the exact shape you need.

No matter your spatial, functional, or aesthetic needs, we can design a custom glass elevator that will be perfect for your home. We’ll build an elevator in your desired shape or to fit any area allowed by code.

Call (503) 545-6586 for more details.

Pneumatic Elevators

These excellent elevators operate with air, requiring no cables to function. This means that no pit is needed to install, reducing their footprint. Only available in acrylic options.

Vision 350 Elevator

This small elevator with a 30-inch wide cabin boasts a small and discreet footprint.

Vision 450 Elevator

Slightly larger than our Vision 350 featuring an increased weight capacity.

Vision 550 Elevator

A cylindrical elevator perfect for homeowners who need an elevator that fits a wheelchair.

Cable Glass Elevators

Cable glass elevators are a great elevator option. Our models require a 4″ pit and run on an electric motor and durable cable system.


Visilift Octagonal

One of our favorite luxury glass elevators. This model can pass through a hole in the floor or hang off a balcony. This model has a compact 42″ x 42″ footprint.

Visilift Round

Another luxury home glass elevator, the Visilift Round Elevator has a larger capacity to hold a wheelchair, with a 51 inch diameter. This model travels up to five stops and 50 feet.

Visilift Mini

Our smallest glass elevator, our Visilift Mini offers a small footprint with big capabilities. Offered in both acrylic and glass models. 

glass residential elevator nationwide lifts oregon

Home elevator installation process?

You should never worry about experiencing a safe and enjoyable glass elevator installation process. In fact, we want you to enjoy the process!

  • Once you decide you’re interested in one of our residential glass elevators, give us a call! 
  • We’ll come out to your home or have you show us pictures virtually through photos or video where you want to install the elevator. 
  • We’ll then provide you with options for your home and an estimate of costs.
  • Once you accept the estimate, we’ll work with you and/or any architects you’re working with to ensure a safe and expertly installed elevator. 

Throughout the entire process, you’ll be kept in the loop on the status of your project. We always want you to walk away from your residential glass elevator installation with an elevator you love and a positive experience.

We’re Known For….

Personalized Service

We’ve installed residential glass elevators across Oregon. Our extensive product knowledge allows us to offer personalized recommendations to ensure you select an elevator you love.

Honesty & Communication

Our home elevator installation process places your safety and experience at the center. You’ll always receive an answer when you call and can feel confident in the quality of our customer service.

Professional, Quality Installation

Our experienced home elevator installation professionals have been doing this for years! They are the best around and deliver clean and professional installations that match the level of quality of your brand new glass elevator.

About Nationwide Lifts of Oregon

Our parent company, Nationwide Lifts, is the biggest home glass elevator company in the United States, providing us with the resources of a large company and the personalized service of a local mom-and-pop business. 

Our entire team is in-house, which ensures you’ll be pleased with our workmanship and customer service. Further, we offer a thorough warranty to ensure your continued happiness.

Discover how a residential glass elevator installation can elevate your home.