ADA Residential Stair Lifts in Oregon

Quality Stair Lifts Installed With Integrity

At Nationwide Lifts of Oregon, we work with Oregonians to install residential stair lifts that are absolutely perfect for their homes. From selection and planning, to installation and maintenance, our ADA stair lift experts will help you find an option that fits your needs.

Contact us today! We’ll go over our process and evaluate your situation to determine the right choice for you.

“Nationwide Lifts of Oregon installed a very complex residential elevator in our rental apartment in Manzanita. Sam and the crew could not have been more helpful and professional. We are very happy with our new elevator!”

– Geoff K.

Residential Stair Lifts at Nationwide Lifts of Oregon

ADA Stair lifts are a safe and convenient way to help individuals get to the next level of their homes without worry or danger. Our premium indoor and outdoor stair lifts are designed around you, and can fit in homes of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Our installation experts have seen it all — throw any challenges at them and they’ll face it head on with their trademark professionalism and commitment to service.

Some of our most popular ADA Stair Lift models include…

Indy Pinnacle Stair Lift

This indoor stair lift is perfect for compact staircases, as it is our narrowest stair lift available. It still offers a smooth and comfortable trip up your stairs as our larger models.

Indy Lux Stair Lift

One of our most luxurious models, this lift offers a stitched seat to provide a comfortable and classy aesthetic, while also needing far less maintenance.

Indy Curve Stair Lift

The perfect option for curved staircases. This model is custom made to allow for either 90 or 180 degree turns, mounts to either side of the staircase, and offers our direct drive motor.

Indy Outdoor Stair Lift

This outdoor stair lift is made to withstand those harsh Oregonian winters! Perfect for your front steps or any other staircase outside.

Indy XL Stair Lift

The most carrying capacity of any of our stair lifts, this option can carry up to 600 lbs. Travels up to 40 feet and made from heavy-duty, reinforced materials!

Indy Platform

A lift that is perfect for your wheelchair or motor scooter! Can be used either inside or out, and features an anti-skid platform for safe travels.

Residential stair lift installation process

We always place your satisfaction at the front of our priority list. Whether you need help deciding which model of ADA stair lift is for you or whether another type of lift is right for your stuatition, we can help. No matter what, you always have our promise of a safe and reliable lift that you’ll count on for years. Our process:
  • Once contacted, we’ll speak over the phone to determine the right lift for you.
  • Depending on where you live, we’ll either come out to your home or have you show us photos or videos of where you hope to install your stair lift.
  • We’ll collaborate with any architects or builders you’re working with to install your lift perfectly.
  • We’ll apply for the state elevator permit and schedule the state inspection.
  • We’ll come out and install your stair lift on a schedule and timeline that works for you.
Throughout the experience, you’ll never be left in the dark on the status of your project. We’ll make sure to make the installation process as simple and easy as possible for you.

We’re Known For….

Personalized Service

Our experts have the product knowledge and installation experience to make sure you receive the lift that’s right for you.

Honesty & Communication

It’s our job to make sure you have a great lift installation experience. If you have questions during installation or years into use, we’ll respond and provide an answer.

Professional, Quality Installation

We have installed ADA stair lifts throughout Oregon to homes for years. You can trust that you’ll receive a clean and professional installation when you work with us.

About Nationwide Lifts of Oregon

Our customer-centered approach to stair lift installation has made us Oregon’s go-to stair lift company. Our entire team is in-house and local, ensuring a consistently high level of service for our customers. You won’t find this level of customer service and professionalism with any other elevator company in Oregon.

Discover how a residential stair lift installation can keep your home safe and convenient for years to come.